Building Local: A Stunning Portfolio for Beautiful Moments

Creating a website for Jordan, our maternity and newborn photographer, was a venture born out of a commitment to supporting small businesses in our community. Jordan is a parent herself, and didn’t have the time to promote her photography, instead relying on word-of-mouth. This had worked ok for Jordan thus far, but after she did an exceptional job on some photographs for my wife and I I knew I had to help share her work with the world.

From the start, the goal was clear – spotlight Jordan’s exceptional work and make it accessible to a wider audience. The website’s design revolves around simplicity. A neutral palette was chosen to align with Jordan’s aesthetic, providing a clean canvas to highlight her portfolio. The emphasis was on practicality, ensuring a seamless user experience.

A screenshot of Jordan's photography website Portfolio page
A screenshot of Jordan's homepage

Jordan has been running her photography as a side-hustle for a while now, but still needed some branding to be ready to go live. A new logo, along with a fresh domain name, tied the design into one cohesive package. is simple and straightforward, making it memorable and typo-resistant. A clean geometric logo means that the focus is on Jordan’s work, while still giving some identity to her site. Finally, a custom email address redirecting to her personal address allows her to get her business correspondence in one place, without putting her personal contact info online where spammers can find it.

While the design of the site was complete, the technical aspects still required attention. High quality photos can quickly hog up both storage and bandwidth, so it was imperative that I found a way to manage it. My solution was found in a plugin called Smush, which applies a lossless, high efficiency compression algorithm to all the photos across the site, ensuring small file-sizes and quick loading times.

Creating Jordan’s website was a heartfelt endeavor rooted in community support and a passion for showcasing local talent. As a parent herself, Jordan’s remarkable work often relied on word-of-mouth, and it became evident that a broader platform was needed to share her exceptional photography with the world. From the strategic simplicity of the website’s design, every element was carefully curated to present Jordan’s portfolio seamlessly., with its clean aesthetics and memorable design, serves as a virtual home for her artistry. The website now stands as more than a digital space; it’s a testament to community collaboration, elevating Jordan’s side-hustle to a platform ready to share her beautiful work with a wider audience.

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