About Gambel Labs – IT Consulting for the Future of Technology

Our Journey at Gambel Labs

Gambel Labs is the result of a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and an unwavering passion for innovation. My name is Blake Gambel, and I am the driving force behind this IT Consulting venture. My journey began at the University of Colorado – Boulder. There, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology, Arts, and Media. This academic foundation was the first step in what has become a dynamic 6-year career in Information Technology.

I’ve honed my skills in languages like Python, C(++), HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, and PHP. Beyond coding, I’ve delved into many varied technologies. DNS, Web/Email Hosting, custom RESTful APIs, and even ventured into the intriguing world of offensive security.

If you’re unsure what any of those words mean, don’t worry. My years in help desk mean that I am an expert at turning hard-to-understand technical documentation into straightforward initiatives for clients. Do you know what you’re trying to accomplish but aren’t even sure where to start? Let me build you a comprehensive plan with vendors, price-points, maintenance expectations, and more.

My commitment to knowledge extends into my personal life as well. Containerization, virtual machines, cloud computing, and reverse proxies are not just buzzwords for me; they are tools I utilize regularly to improve mine and my family’s lives. Additionally, I’m a fervent advocate for integrating technology seamlessly into our daily routines. I’ve designed and implemented home automation systems that make our living space more efficient and secure. From intelligent lighting that adapts to our preferences to media storage solutions that ensure our digital memories are preserved and easily accessible, I’m passionate about harnessing technology to enhance quality of life. These innovations aren’t just for convenience; they’re about creating a smarter, more connected life that benefits everyone under our roof.

It was these experiments, and the maintaining of them that followed, that necessitated me creating the Gambel Labs umbrella under which to house them. As my career developed and I added more and more skills to my repertoire, I saw how my wide range of experience could help small businesses grow their sales and work more efficiently.

Gambel Labs represents a fusion of technology, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. My mission is clear: to empower businesses and individuals with innovative IT Consulting solutions, custom-tailored to their unique needs. We invite you to join us on this digital journey, where we transform ideas into reality and make technology work for you.

About the founder

I’m Blake Gambel, a tech enthusiast and a graduate of CU-Boulder with a Bachelor’s degree in Technology, Arts, and Media. Beyond my passion for coding, my life is an exciting journey filled with a blend of creativity and tech wizardry. I’m fortunate to have found not only a fulfilling career but also my best friend and confidant, with whom I’m preparing to embark on an entirely new adventure as we’re expecting our first child in November 2023, and a recent move to Oklahoma City adds another exciting chapter to our story.

I’m not confined to the digital world alone. Away from the keyboard, I am an outdoor enthusiast who revels in camping and the wonders of the great outdoors. I also have a experience in carpentry and DIY electronics projects; these seemingly unrelated skills along with my interests in computers and networking converged during my time as a Principal Fabricator & Lead Programer at Meow Wolf, where I had the privilege of contributing to the realization of the ‘Galactic Autoquarium’ exhibit, which continues to captivate visitors at Convergence Station in Denver, Colorado.

Read more about me at my personal site, https://blakegambel.com

A wedding photo of Blake Gambel, founder of Gambel Labs IT Consulting, at their wedding. Their wife is visible in the background, and she is stunning.