Affordable IT Consulting projects for any budget or project

I try to keep my pricing for IT consulting very transparent. I value my work at about $30/hour, and will adjust that up or down depending on the scope of your project. Before I begin any work I will provide a quote of how long I expect the project to take, what rate I’m charging you at, and the expected total cost of the project. As soon as scope and rates are agreed upon I will get started, so expect frequent updates on your projects status!

Below I have a few example projects I’ve done before. These are just examples; smaller, simpler projects are easier and thus cheaper, while bigger projects might be more difficult and take more time. If you’re a non-profit or fellow freelancer, please reach out regardless of your budget! I’m dedicated to lifting up the voices that need to be heard, or helping other entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.

Custom Websites

$150 initial, $25/month maintenance starting the second month

Get a custom designed website for your business! After a quick brainstorming call, I will build you a custom website that perfectly targets your key demographic. From Solar Power to Self Healing, I know how to make your business stand out. This includes a custom domain name and hosting.

Custom Websites include a complimentary SEO Consultation after 3 months.

SEO Consulting

$50 flat rate

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to having a well performing business website. I will run an audit of your website, and give you a report with recommendations of how to improve your ranking on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

General IT

$30/hour consult, $20/hour research

Need some guidance on your next IT upgrade? Curious how the new tech you’re hearing about in the news can help your business? Let’s have a chat! After a brief initial consultation, I will gather references, compare options, and create an actionable plan for your business.

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